Respect for nature



  • From waste to lapillis, precious stone.
  • NORTSTONE®'s products are exclusively made of natural components, such us stone aggregates (obtained from chipping of offcuts from quarries of marble, granite, quartz and quartzite), siliceous sands, water, cement, pigments and additives derived from natural sources usually employed in cement-based mixtures.
  • NORTSTONE®'s products contain no resins nor other synthetic products which are not environmentally-friendly, therefore they can be entirely recycled.
  • The production cycle does not require high temperature processing, which ensures a significant energy saving.
  • The processing residue of NORTHSTONE┬« does not pollute.
  • NORTHSTONE® products can be renewed and reconditioned many times after their installation through on site polishing, which guarantees unlimited life.
  • NORTHSTONE® pays special attention to the environmental and energy sustainability of its materials providing products in compliance with LEED® rating system standards.
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