Advantages and Specifications


  • Pietre naturali

    Natural stones like marble, granite and quartz are used to produce NORTHSTONE®.

  • Eco friendly

    NORTHSTONE® is an eco-friendly product: its natural stones are solidly bound without resin-based binders.

  • Composizione personalizzate

    NORTHSTONE® is compositional freedom: by choosing natural stones we can create absolutely new and original compositions, with limitless tailored solutions. .

  • Resistente

    NORTHSTONE® is homogeneous and solid; it is highly resistant to atmospheric corrosion.

  • Ignifugo

    NORTHSTONE® is fireproof and does not produce poisonous gas.

  • Impermeabile

    Thanks to its special production process, NORTHSTONE® boasts a water absorption ratio definitely lower than in other natural stones.

  • Semplice manutenzione

    NORTHSTONE® care is simple: it conserves its brightness for years.

  • Elevate caratteristiche meccaniche

    NORTHSTONE® has high mechanical characteristics, such as resistance to abrasion, bump, deflection, pressure and tear in case of anchoring.

  • Semplice assemblaggio

    The assemblage of NorthStone® is inexpensive; in NORTSTONE®'s products we use 100% eco-friendly mineral adhesive.

  • Antiscivolo

    NORTHSTONE® is anti-slip depending on the finish required.


Binder: First Class White Portland Cement (52,5 N/mm2)

PROPRIERTIES natural stone aggregate European
Resistance to bending stress Rtf [Mpa] 11,2 10,1 11,5 UNI EN 14617-2:2008
Resistance to compression Rm [Mpa] 86 101 102 UNI EN 14617-15:2005
Abrasion Resistance [mm] 33 27 25 UNI EN 14617-4:2012
Water Absorption [% in weight] 3,13 3,12 3,26 UNI EN 14617-1:2013
Density [kg/m3] 2457 2457 2444 UNI EN 14617-1:2013
Resitance to Fire class 0 ISO/DIN 1182.2
Frost-Defrosting Resistance resistant DIN 52104

*average values on tiles 40x40x1,5cm polished, without any surface protector and after 28 days of seasoning